Visible mending on lightweight fabric

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Fig. 1

We all have garments we are very fond of.  The ochre lightweight woven skirt, I made last year is one of my favorite ones.  You can imagine my horror when I discovered two nasty stains on it.  By closer examination, I found that the stains were made by a kind of glue.  No way I would get rid of them.

So I let this problem linger in the back of my mind.  When it was time to change the summer clothes to winter ones, I brought the skirt down to my sewing room.  It was in my sight, yet still I did not start the mending process. I was somewhat clueless how I would be able to mend this lightweight fabric.

So I decided to post my problem on instagram (Fig.2). Different suggestions were made. I considered them all and decided to go with the advice to use the stains as  part of the pattern I would create.

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Fig. 5

In my notebook I sketched the pattern I would use. Next I drew it with a frixion pen on the fabric.   

Now came the decision if I would iron interfacing on the fabric or not.  I decided not to.  The only woven interfacing I had at hand, was heavy weight.  I feared the nice draping would be tempered.

I had lined the skirt with a high quality lining, maybe I could use the lining as a help with my visible mending. I would give it a try.

First of all, I pinned the fabrics together, making sure the draping was intact.  It seemed to work!  Choosing the right thread is an important matter!  The thread should be lightweight, considering the fabric.  I choose buttonhole thread with a weight of 30. Four colors were selected, at the end I used only three of them (Fig. 3).

I hooped the two layers of fabric to make even stitches and avoid puckering (Fig.4).

Figure 5 shows the innerside of the garment

It worked beautifully!  The draping is perfect, the pattern works great!  

Conclusion of the matter: ‘ Don’t be afraid to tackle visible mending’ It can be done, even on 

very delicate fabric!

Fig. 4

Fig. 6

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