Zero waste Christmas card experiment

Gepubliceerd op 18 december 2022 om 11:15

A great idea popped into my mind: to combine two messages on the Christmas cards. Since I’m convinced that we all can work together to buy less clothes and fabric, I decided to include the ‘saved from landfill’ message to the Christmas message of peace and hope.

I wanted to use leftover fabrics for the background of the card and leftover threads for the Christmas tree.


To get this done I would sew fabric scraps together as the background. This I would sew on a piece of muslin. I have a box here with leftover threads, I saved over the year. These I would spread out over the fabric and cover it with tulle, choosing a neutral color since the color may impact the outcome of the project. Organza is also a good option.  I learned this technique to make a fabric collage involving small pieces from Deborah Wirsu.


The threads were to be shaped into a tree.  Next I would free motion stitch the form of a tree on the tulle.  I tried to draw on the tulle, but this was not possible, so I did a freehand tree sketch.

Once this was done, the piece was turned and I continued to stitch the inner branches of the Christmas tree on the backside.  

The fabric was again turned.  I cut around the Christmas tree, and cut away threads that escaped.

Now it was time to look at the finished project and …. I didn’t like it at all!   The workout of my great idea turned out not so great!

I posted my experiment and to my amazement, there were quite a few people who liked it!

Time to reconsider!  I decided to work some more on the tree trunk, which is  too wide, and sew it on a green Christmas card.

I think I will send the card after all!  Zero waste, you know!

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