A boy...fabric scraps...a stitch book...a Christmas gift

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This week I had planned to finish my crazy quilt, but as often in life, it turned out differently.

The boy had a day off from school, so he stayed with me.  Now you must know that he loves to make presents.  Whenever he draws he wants to make it a gift for someone.  His auntie is pregnant and Christmas is coming so he wanted to make an original gift for the baby.   He loves to play with the fabric scraps in my sewing room.  We brainstormed together and decided to give a baby toy in a pouch using the fabric scraps to make it. 

There were scraps left from my crazy quilt blogs, so we sewed them on a piece of muslin, using the quilt-as-you-go method.  The boy handled the pedal of the sewing machine, I guided the fabric.

Once the stitching was done, his eyes fell on my sample stitch book.  He loves to look through the pages and point out stitches  he likes.   

Do you know what a sample stitch book is?  It’s a fabric book you make, stitching all the decorative stitches your machine has and numbering them.  You make different pages and join them together.  I decorated the front page so it is inviting to look at. When you want to add a decorative stitch to something you sew, look in your stitch book and decide which one you want to use.   You can also make a stitch book of hand embroidered stitches.   It is a great resource!

When the quilt-as-you-go part was done, the boy asked if we could add decorative stitches.  Yes, indeed, it would make it more attractive for a baby.  Trees, cars, houses, turtles, and hearts were his choice.   He looked through my threads and decided which thread to use for each stitch.  We both were happy with the result.

The boy went home.  The pouch needed to be put together.  I chose an oker yellow fabric as the lining.   

Some time ago I was blessed to be able to buy a whole bunch of zippers and quality thread from a 90 year old lady.  Her age prefented her from sewing. To have all this material at hand is so convenient. I could find a zipper to match the pouch colors.  


You could say that the colors we chose are not baby colors at all. That’s true, but auntie likes warm colors like ocher, deep orange and gold and she will definitely not bother.

Christmas arrived. The gift was given and greatly appreciated. Some months later the baby arrived. And you know what?   This boy's Christmas gift is used on a daily basis to store the babies diapers. The boy and I are so happy we gave those fabric scraps a new life.

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