Usable or not?

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Some time ago I went to the  attic to get warmer bed coverings.  I opened the attic wardrobe and an old baby blanket caught my attention.  It was given to me, a long time ago, by my mother-in-law.  ‘A perfect item to use in my next zero waste coat!’ I thought.

The first thing I did, was analyzing the color palette; dark blue, white and dark beige. Now I had to find matching colors.  I do have my fabric leftover stored in boxes according to their colors. This is very convenient. In these boxes I have leftover fabrics from garments I have sewn, cut pannels of shirts no longer in use, clothes I found in the thrift store, cut, to save as much fabric as possible.

Dark blue would be the perfect accompanying color to those blocks. I found the dark blue pants in my fabric stash.  I remembered buying them, at the thrift store.  I really liked the texture of the fabric.

This fabric was perfect in color and in texture but it was not heavyweight enough to make the base of a wintercoat.

So I decided against using it and went through my stash again, looking for other available fabric.  I did find some corduroy , ironed it and put it against the blocks. No, the color might work but it was not perfect.

Back to the fabric of the pants then.  The color was great but its was too thin.   A solution popped into my mind; I could add fusable quilt batting (NL)to the fabric. This I did and I quilted it with vertical lines. Excellent! It worked!   


The outer coat was sewn. I used the quilted blocks for part of the back and  the hood.  

The baby blanket would become the inside, soft and warm!

My husband digitized the embroidery pattern of the bear that the machine embroidered on the pocket. 

The coat is for a six year old, soft and warm. A coat with a message.  Fabric and clothes discarded by some, becomes design by others.

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Kate Morgan
een jaar geleden

Beautiful jacket and story! 😍