An out of the box birthday gift

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My grandson has been interested in my sewing since he was a toddler. I used to put him on my lap at the sewing machine while I was working on my textile art. He already has his own sewing box and drawer in my sewing room. He learned to sew by hand on a board with holes. I decided to make an embroidery kit for his 6th birthday. The intention is that he, together with me, embroiders the nest.
When we went to the birthday party on Friday, it was so crowded with kids and new toys that he didn't pay much attention to my gift. I don't mind that because I know that we will spend beautiful hours together working on the project.

To neatly store the embroidery hoop, I made a matching bag with an extra zippered pocket inside to store the yarn and needle. I used a blue fabric -- his favorite color -- and embroidered his name on it. The back was decorated with an embroidered butterfly. The inside has an original fabric with a tape measure motif.

If you are short on ideas and don’t have designs to draw on your hoop, I did find a marvelous book with over 500 embroidery ideas for kids and grown ones too! ‘How to embroider almost everything’ by Wendy Gratz


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