Upcycled patchwork sweater with embroidered portrait


This boy’s sweater is made combining fabrics from 3 upcycled garments.  Since I love making portraits, I thought it would look nice to add an embroidered portrait.

Upcycled bearcoat

It is as a puzzle, finding the fabric scraps that fit together to make the crazy quilt block and accompanying fabric to put together the rest of the coat.  In my blog post 'Usable or not', I explained the construction of this coat.

Hoodie and matching t-shirt

Children love hoodies; they are warm and comfortable.  When you add a extra feature, they like it even more.

I made a baby quilt with fleece fabric at the backside.  Since there was fabric left, I always look for a way to use it.  The hoodie was the result.



Sometimes you come upon beautiful fabric while going through a pile of leftovers. 

This fabric painted with farm scenes was perfect to make a coat for toddlers.


Alternative Bearcoat


The first upcycled bear coat I made.  

Zero Waste Hoodie


Would you like to reduce waste while also making something special for yourself or your toddler? Check out this minimal waste toddler hoodie - made with fabric leftovers, it's a creative and simple way to make something new. Try your own and see how easy it is to upcycle fabric scraps into something beautiful and one-of-a-kind!

Coat made of double sided fabric.

Warm and cosy, this double sided coat, is soft to the touch and warm to wear.

Blanket Hoodie


This hoodie is made from a blanket.  When you have a mindset toward upcycling, you find precious materials to work with.


Baby Cardigan

This baby cardigan is made of organic waffle fabric, completely lined with organic jersey fabric.  I thought it cute to embroider 2  beavers on the pocket.

Sustainable Kids Hoodie


When I construct a hoodie for a little one, I always try to add something cute.  Here a machine embroidered bear is added.  As much as possible I look for organic fabric and if at all possible, I use upcycled ones.  In this hoodie the outer layer is organic fabric, the lining of the hood is made of an discarded t-shirt.

A Cow Hoodie 

Organic Rabbit Hoodie


This hoodie is made of t-shirt organic fabric.  Ideal in spring and early summer.  Your little one can also wear it under a cardigan.