Handmade quilt with machine embroidered patches.

A cozy quilt, who doesn't like to enjoy the warmth it gives?

This quilt is made from upcycled fabric.  In the thriftstore I found these curtains. The colors spokt to me.  Once I figured out how to arrange the blocks, I decided to add an extra touch!  Adding blocks with machine embroidered images, completed the quilt.  


Embroidered patch.


My husband digitized the bear and butterfly pattern which was embroidered on fabric.  Freemotion quilting finished the block.

Handmade quilt featuring an embroidered and painted portrait.

When I want to create a quilt, the patterns quietly grow in my mind.  The dark fabrics are cut from a woolen skirt, the other fabric is from a vintage curtain. As I noticed the small medium seagreen-turqoise rectangles in the yellow blocks, I remembered having some fabric left from a shirt I made. It was decided to add  blocks to the quilt with the embroidered silhouette of the portrait.  The focus point of the quilt would be the mixed media portrait.

This is a baby quilt. I went for bright colors, red, blue and yellow with some additional matching colors. While muted colors because of their soothing influence are best for the environment where the child lives, bright colors in toys, clothes and blankets stimulate the visual development. 

Do you have fabric leftovers?  Making a crazy block quilt is an ideal way to use them.

This quilt is very precious to me!  I made it for a very dear person in my life after one of her dogs died.

Quilted cushion with silhouet figure and knitted scarf.

Making these small quilt blocks was fun.  Completing this cushion with the silhouette figure of the boy with his toy duck, made it a perfect gift.  I wanted to add an extra feature, so I knitted a red scarf and crocheted a white chain.

English paper piecing. Mixed media quilt. Thread painting.

This art quilt took me a long time to complete.  It started with a summer project; hand stitching the English paper piecing blocks.  Once finished, I knitted the waternet and hand stitched it to the quilt.  The heron would be the center figure.  He is thread painted.  Leaves were added, some were crocheted, other couched.

Upcycling fabric can be fun!  

I loved making this pillow.  Leftover fabrics from pants, a vest, a jacket, all come together is this doggy pillow.

For the embellishment, I echo quilted, using free motion quilting, to sew around the embroidered dog. It gives a trapunto effect.  I couched yellow yarn dividing the two green strips.