Handmade clothes / ladies

Everyone loves a certain type of fashion style.  My favorite is the 'Lagenlook' style.  The brand https://iveyabitz.com inspires me.  The lessons I took from Natalie Chanin https://alabamachanin.com taught me to hand embroider clothes. Combining the two results in the clothes you find here.

Zambeesi jacket

Sometimes you come upon a pattern, you like right away.  This patchwork jacket, found on Pinterest, https://pin.it/5tmxclN, caught my attention.  It is ideal to use leftover fabrics you might have in your stash.  It can be made with light fabric and heavier one, even knit fabric as a ponta di Roma, suits the pattern well.  I have chosen some heavier woven fabric, I still had in my stash.

Hand embroidered vest and shirt

When I buy fabric, I like to look for second hand fabric.  One day, I saw the advertisement of this man ,selling the fabric of his seamstress aunt, who passed away recently.  This was all high quality, vintage fabric, and a lot of them!

This loose fitted coat and accompagning shirt was made from this woolen fabric.  It is a knit, texture similar to Punta di Roma.  Ideal to embroider upon.

A closer look at the embroidery

When you take a close look at the garment, you will see it is embroidered on the shoulders and at the front.

Alabama Chanin inspired jacket

Do you know the clothing brand Alabama Chain?https://alabamachanin.com/

The work of this fashion designer inspires me.  She uses mainly organic cotton jersey, combines 2 layers, embroiders patterns upon the upper layer, then cuts out part of this layer.  It gives beautiful results!

This cardigan is made, using her technique.

A warm winter coat, who wouldn't enjoy one!  This coat has three layers.  

I added finishing touches through hand embroidery.

Cozy and warm winter coat with handknitted scarf 

Long coat

Hand embroidered shirt

Hand embroidered t-shirt, accompagnied by a cardigan, hand embroidered the Alabama Chanin style.

Handembroidered vest

This jacket has some boro sashiko elements.  The patches are stitched using, Sashiko stitching.

Alabama Chanin inspired shirt

Shirt made of organic cotton jersey, embroidered the Alabama Chanin way.

Lagenlook outfit.


Sashiko stitching is an ancient Japanese stitching technique that has been used for centuries to create beautiful, intricate decorative pieces. This type of stitching allows for an almost limitless range of patterns and textures, perfect for creating a variety of items ranging from clothing to home decor. It's an art form that is growing in popularity, with many crafters and hobbyists taking advantage of its beautiful, timeless aesthetic.

Hand embroidered t-shirt

This unique shirt, upcycled the Alabama Chanin way, shows the versatility of hand embroidery.  

Patchwork vest from fabric leftovers

Do you have a fabric stash you want to get rid of? Making a patchwork vest is an ideal way to create something beautiful!  Since I love Boro Sashiko, I thought it to be nice to add embroidery.