Greeting Cards: felted, embroidered and thread painted

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We all have those special people in our lives, we do not feel comfortable with sending an e-card. For them you choose to make a personal card, showing your deep affection. Over the years, I have designed several cards. Sometimes I look for inspiration on Pinterest, often I consult myself.

For my first cards  I used felt as a surface. Applying dry felting I put flowers on it and outlined them with free motion stitching. Fantasy yarns were added to the composition via couching. As a final embellishment  I added some embroidery stitches like the French Knot. Attaching your textile work to a card is very easy. You first glue it and then stitch it unto the card.  

Maybe felting is not your thing at all, but embroidery is. I suggest the following cards. They are fully embroidered, so think well in advance about what you will make. Embroidery is fun but it takes time. When embroidering the girl I mainly used 2 stitches, the running stitch and the French knot. I always try to have some special thread on hand. This gives a nice effect, as can be seen in the hat.

The Dutch house is fully embroidered with the running stitch, with the exception of the roof where the French knot gives that extra touch again. I surrounded the house with a garden. Here again the French knot, my favorite stitch, gets a place of honor.

If embroidery by hand is not your thing either, but you get along well with your sewing machine, then the following cards may appeal to you. This card was made based on a spring photo of wildflowers in our garden. First and foremost, I colored the background on the silk fabric with colored pencils. With the photo as reference, I started stitching the flowers free motion, this is also called thread painting . You attach the fabric in an embroidery hoop and place it under the sewing machine. In the links you can see how it works.

I found a lot of inspiration in Alison Holt’s books. She is a genius in the field of machine embroidery.  Did you know that you can even make 3d trees with your sewing machine? In the book 'Machine Embroidered Flowers, Woodlands and Landscapes', Alison Holt explains step by step how to do this. After I made many trees, I thought it would be nice to integrate them into a card.

Most of the cards you make are for happy events. In life there are also times when a special card can bring some comfort. I'm sending these cards to give my condolences. They are simple. Again I colored the fabric background and with threadsketching I drew the broken flower. The fact that you make the card yourself shows the grieving that you really empathize.


From experience I can tell you that the cards you make yourself are not carelessly put away. Often they are framed or left on display for an extra long time. Have you also become excited to make your own cards? I would like to see your creations.

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