Quilted tote bags from upcycled fabrics and scraps

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In this post I’ll show you some tote bags made from fabric scraps and upcycled fabric. Tote bags are strong and durable bags, you will enjoy them for a long time. By using them you avoid the use of throw away plastic bags. The nice thing about it is that you can make them in your own style with the colors, shapes or letters… that you like. 


I learned a lot about making tote bags on my favorite platform Craftsy. The instructions in the lessons are easy to follow. I made this tone on tone tote bag with shades of blue colors, leftovers from a lagerlook outfit. The outer bag is made from these scraps, the inner from a curtain I found in the thrift store.  I did some linear quilting on the sides of the bag. The bag looks chique to me!  It served me well already.

A bright colored tote bag made from scraps.

For the third tote bag I used some leftover fabrics from a quilt.  Since I had rather bigger pieces left, I decided to make the outer bag in two colors.   The beauty of the bag would have to come from the quilting I would do.  Some free motion quilting was done but mainly I just used my regular sewing foot do draw lines.  For the center middle part I thought it would be nice to go in a rectangle around the area, using the width of my sewing foot and so getting smaller and smaller until I reached the middle.   The outcome satisfied me and… my thoughts went to that bright red fabric I had laying around

In my mind I saw a beautiful quilted red tote bag, accompanied with an accent color. The center piece of the tote bag is the eye catcher so I looked for a way to quilt it.  In this craftsy class  I found the answer; a checker board pattern! The center piece I divided in squares.

Each alternative square is stitched down with a filler stitch. In the class this stitch is made  using free motion quilting, I found out I could use the straight stitch down and use my reverse button to go up again, repeating this stitching until the square is filled. This, for me, was an easier way to create this filler stitch.  It took quite some time to finish te work, but oh how I like the result!

Here too I used the fabric of an upcycled sheet to make the lining.  Since I had a pocket left from the shirt, I decided to sew it on the lining.  It is always useful to have a pocket.

Don’t you feel your fingers itching to start sewing your own quilted tote bag?  I would love to see the result!

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