Beauty for ashes. Personalized visible mending.

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As I pondered over the 'visible mending' movement, I thought it would be wonderful to associate it with art! To me, the visible mender is, or should be, someone who brings beauty for ashes. He should always explore new ways to lift mending to a higher artistic level!

Not everyone has the time or potential to develop this art! Some people have put all their thoughts, skills and creativity into this.  Read on to find those artists.

Most people buy their preferred pair of jeans in their favorite store.  They love them, but their clothes are not unique. Their friend may come to visit, wearing the exact same pair!  Some can find it funny , others feel embarrassed!

Soon their garments start to wear down, show weak spots, or get stained. Being excited about the visible mending movement, but not having the skill themselves, they contact a visible mender as found on the world map of visible mender . Probably they will find a mender not too far off. They can just sent their pants and ask for mending. Some might have spent some time on pinterest or another website looking at different approaches to visible mending and ask the mender to mend in a certain style they like. Others could ask for something unique. 


Mending vertical tear the Ofelia Antelmo way

For sure the visible mender will have ears to that request.  He/she can show examples of previous mending; does the client likes the mending using sashiko , the Japanese way of mending, or does the mending used by Ofelia Antelmo. speak more to them?  What about using the Alabama Chanin technique to mend your jersey clothes. 

Every mender has his/her speciality, you might do some research in this area too. Some menders worth visiting:



These are some examples of specific customisted mending projects I encountered.

One lady loves antique pink roses. So I used fabric as an underpatch that fulfilled her desire.  I chose thread colors matching the roses.  The shorts are upgraded to one in a kind.

Another customer had saved his old denim pair which he cherised, not wanting to throw him away and not able to wear it due to being too worn out.  He requested I use  bright red as an underpatch.  The fabric at the crotch I repaired with the sewing machine, the holes on the knees were mended with the bright red fabric, combined with threads red, black and offwhite.  I added some of these thread to the back pockets.

His little boy loved daddy’s mended pants so much he requested his jeans be mended with a yellow patch.  I embroidered a ladybug in the patch and added Sashiko stitching.  A happy proud boy wearing his one in a kind pair of jeans.


Personalizing the mending process takes time. You have to get to know the customer, what makes him unique and how to translate his uniqueness into mending! This is a challence, when taken, that can bring the art of the mender unto another level. 

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